From the lush Panamanian countryside, four generations of coffee growing experience has allowed us to perfect the art of growing & cultivating the finest coffee.

With an exclusive trade agreement, we are able to offer this specialty coffee product to our customers in Canada & the US.


Our coffee is grown at over 8000 feet above sea level, in the Chiriquí Highlands region beneath Volcán Barú - the highest peak in Panama.

It is harvested by the local people of Boquete and sustainably roasted at origin.


Providing an exceptional coffee drinking experience to our customers who seek a timeless product they can enjoy over & over again.

The result of our process is a distinguished coffee product considered amongst the highest quality in the world.

  • "Delightful flavour! I found subtle undertones, reminiscent of lime, added a touch of excitement to the experience. Truly an enjoyable and exotic treat!" 

    - Casey

  • "Your coffee was incredible. The taste was amazing and didn’t have a bitter or odd aftertaste some other coffees have."

    - Jake

  • "Loved the taste, stronger than the coffee we usually find in Canada. Very tasty to drink without milk or sweeteners."

    - Julien

  • "The chocolate note of the coffee is my favourite!" 

    - Beonca

  • "Nice and smooth, not overly strong which is a nice change versus the coffee we normally drink."

    - James